Wedding Dress Fittings

Every dress needs alterations as not one woman is the same shape, so it will always take a few weeks to get everything perfect. When you try out or purchase your dress from the stockist, you will probably have at least two or three fittings or more may be necessary, all of which you will have to schedule with them. You may have to leave ample time for all these, before the wedding.

A bride’s first dress fitting usually takes place about six weeks before her wedding day. It is a good idea to bring one like-minded friend or family member along with you when you go for the first fitting. You have to decide which accessories you want to wear with the dress, and buy or order them so you can bring them along and see how everything looks together.

First fitting:

At the first fitting there are two main things for the bride to ensure: that the gown is the right size, colour, and design, ie. neckline, train, sleeves and the seamstress (who helps the bride get into the gown) knows what she is doing – where the dress needs to be taken in, let out, shortened, lengthened or otherwise altered.

While the seamstress is busy fitting your wedding dress, take a close look at the way the material falls, how the waist feels, the chest area fits, and so on. Speak up if you see anything you do not like as this is your time to be demanding. Remember, you are paying lots of money for this gown, and it is your privilege to have as many fittings as it takes to get the perfect fit. Schedule your next fitting before you leave the shop.

Second fitting:

This should take place about a month before your wedding. Bring along your foundation garments, bridal shoes, jewellery, and any accessories. If you are not quite sure which accessories to wear, bring along a Polaroid camera as well, so you can see how each option looks with your dress. Also, make sure all your concerns from the first fitting have been addressed and fixed. Be sure whether the hem skims the tops of your wedding shoes. If there is a problem, continue to schedule fittings until you are completely satisfied.

Final fitting:

When you go for your final fitting, get your chief bridesmaid and mum to come along so they can learn about your dress. You also should find out how to get rid of last-minute wrinkles in your dress and what if you spill something on the gown.

When the day arrives to pick up your gown (in about two week before the wedding), try it on one last time, especially if it’s been a while since your last fitting.