Themed Wedding Dress

themed wedding dress is a unique way to showcase your originality and put a spotlight on your special day. Planning a theme wedding is much more fun than planning a more traditional ceremony. And guests remember theme weddings, because they are so much more entertaining. Not to mention, they’ll never forget your themed wedding dress!

Of course, once you decide to have a theme wedding, the next step is to pick your theme. Brainstorm possible themes for your perfect wedding. What theme have you envisioned for your wedding?

Theme Wedding Ideas

Here are a few ideas for wedding themes to get your creative juices flowing. If you go with a seasonal theme you can incorporate ideas from the time of year into your wedding decor. For instance, imagine autumn leaves, apples, pumpkins, and scarecrows if your wedding will take place in the fall. And if you plan your winter wedding around Christmas time, the holiday decorations at the reception location you choose can supplement your own.

A medieval wedding theme is an exciting way to decorate your reception site, and your guests have the opportunity to play dress up as well. For a really authentic feel, you could get married inside a castle. Medieval themed wedding dresses usually incorporate lots of gold stitching and dramatic embroidery. Some of these are the most gorgeous wedding dresses of all.

Or, consider the beauty and uniqueness of a ceremony on the beach. Beach weddings are casual and lots of fun for your guests, and you can choose themes like lighthouses, pirates and seashells. A beach themed wedding dress should be light and airy, and you can even go barefoot!

If the bride and groom are sports fans you can go with a sports theme, or use the color scheme of your favorite sports team in your wedding. And if you are into cowboys or country music, a Western themed wedding would be great fun for both you and your guests.

When you were young, you might have imagined that your wedding would rival Cinderella’s. A dream Cinderella theme wedding would not be complete without the perfect gown and a beautiful carriage to take you away at the stroke of midnight.

A theme can change an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary one. But no matter what theme you choose, your wedding guests will be sure to remember your wedding for years to come.

In addition to your themed wedding dress and the decorations, you’ll want to weave your theme into other aspects of your wedding too, such as your invitations and favors. Depending on what theme you choose, you can even include it in your reception menu.

Wearing a themed wedding dress on your big day can make your wedding an even more special and memorable occasion for many reasons. With some creativity and a little work, a theme wedding will surprise your guests and make it a special day for them too. And your beautiful themed wedding dress will complete the dramatic effect!