Stunning Weddings and Bridal Gowns

Brides and grooms of today come up with wedding themes to make their big day more personal, unique and extraordinary. And as more and more women are attracted to non traditional bridal gowns, the over-all figure of the bride as well as the wedding setting are considered in selecting the perfect bridal gown.

The wedding is the most treasured and significant event in a couple’s life. To make it all the more extraordinary and unique, the brides and grooms of today place their personal touches and ideas on their weddings by coming up with wedding themes. Themes may depend on the location of the wedding ceremony and they can harmoniously merge certain customary concepts with the couple’s own style and good taste.

For instance, if you’re a bride who loves royalty concepts or experienced life’s battle and came out trumps you can have a dream fairytale (or Cinderella) themed wedding. Wearing that stunning princess gown, everyone’s eyes will be glued on you as you walk down the aisle to meet your prince charming. A castle designed wedding cake as well as silver ornaments as wedding favors are perfect for this theme.

Some grooms and brides go for butterfly themed weddings as butterflies are an emblem of fresh beginnings and this makes these attractive creatures a terrific theme for the great event. Desserts such as cupcakes with butterfly-shaped toppings or a butterfly logo featuring the couple’s photo that can go with all other wedding pieces such as favors and invitations can turn a butterfly themed wedding impressive. Color themed events such as jade green weddings are preferred by many too. As the nature’s color, green blends perfectly for spring occasions especially weddings at exotic locales and garden sites. Green fruits like lemons can be gorgeously combined with flowers or set in cocktail glasses.

Undoubtedly, the bride is the focus of every wedding event as families and guests are all around her. It’s very critical therefore that you’re wearing a bridal gown that flawlessly fits your physique, personality, style, as well as your wedding theme and venue.

A lot of brides nowadays are fascinated with unconventional gowns. In recent times, they declare their marriage vows in modern designs including ivory, blue, and pink colors and in tea length bridal dresses. An ivory bridal gown has become a favorite yet only a small number of brides can do well with it. Ivory is perfect for dark-skinned or olive skinned brides while beige is a hit for fair skinned. Taffeta, tulle and brocades used to be the most well-liked fabrics for bridal dresses; however their application have come down today. Chiffon and organza are ideal for weddings held outdoors.

After you have decided on the bridal gown design, know if that design highlights your figure. Sure enough you can flaunt your good physique with modesty. A gown with sleeves that embraces your figure from neck down to ankle, suits best if you’ve got a slender body and curvatures to display. Gowns with big skirts and ruffled sleeves are a no-no if you wish to look slender as this will cause you to appear bigger. If you are a petite bride you ought to choose a v-neck or sweetheart gown which will create length making you look taller. Stay away from straight necklines because you will look shorter with them. You should also avoid straight necklines if you have square or wide shoulders. Except for slim and tall figured brides, you must shun bridal gowns with bias cut since they reveal the bulges and stress hips.

The venue of your wedding can inspire your gown design options too. Weddings held at beaches are typically intimate and informal. For this setting, a clear-cut dress made of light material like chiffon is perfect as the dress will sway along in the gentle wind. If you tie the knot in a church, you can have a broad selection of customary gown choices. However you need to think about your wedding’s whole formality. For an afternoon wedding in a church and a garden reception afterwards, you may go for a bridal dress that’s not too formal than if you’re saying “I do” in a sunset site with a formal banquet next. You can show off a strapless gown with short train and unfussy, elegant lines for the afternoon ceremony. A gown with a longer veil and train is ideal for the sunset ceremony.

Opting for your bridal gown is an exciting as well as vital decision you’ll take as regards to your wedding. And with your wedding gown selected as well as theme in place, you can have the time of your life on your big day!