Gothic Wedding Dresses

Gothic wedding dresses might seem very unusual to anyone who doesn’t understand Goth philosophies. But in a gothic wedding ceremony dark colors rule the day, as part of a complex philosophy that has its roots in the punk rock movement of the 1980s (with a pinch of the 1950s Beatnik counterculture thrown in). When you know that, then the traditional black of gothic wedding dresses makes perfect sense, really.

One of the primary features of a gothic wedding is that it symbolizes a disdain for traditional mores and beliefs. The wedding has characteristics of sorcery and mysticism, represented in the garments of the wedding party, and the wedding favors given to guests. Goths tend to be very independent thinkers, with an attraction to the dark, mystic side of life. Weddings will generally be marked by a dark, dramatic color them, even though the traditional wedding ritual may be kept basically intact. The goth couple must determine whether or not they want to make a statement about their philosophies in their wedding ceremony, or simply create a goth ambience for it.

Gothic wedding dresses might appear similar to medieval or renaissance gowns, all the way to the imagined clothing worn by inhabitants of Hades. While white is permissible, it is usually used only to contrast with darker hues. Revealing necklines, puffy sleeves, and gowns with corseted bodices are all popular styles for the occasion. Ruby colored dresses for the bride’s attendants, together with a little rich velvet for the male members of the wedding party, might provide exactly the desired gothic touch. Very non-traditional wedding favors like skulls and coffins would be a cool way to thank your guests, and a stunning setting for the ceremony could be a dark ivy and scarlet rose theme.

Goth weddings require not only the right attire, but the successful merging of all other components of the ceremony to develop the ambiance you’re trying to achieve. Older settings that evoke a dramatic feel are highly desirable for goth celebrations. Venues that have features like dark wood paneling, fireplaces and burgundy colored velvet furnishings would be perfect, if you can locate one. Whatever venue you choose, you may want to inquire about their rules for adding more decorations if you want to add your own personal goth touch.

Music that evokes a classical, haunting feeling will be more appropriate than lighter music, while the wedding invitations can also be designed to lend a gothic flair. A great way to announce the union of Master and Dame in your invitations would be with gargoyles and other medieval decorations.

Once your search for gothic wedding dresses has ended, to make your gothic theme complete there are certain items you’ll need to create the atmosphere you want. Most metropolitan areas have a sufficient variety of merchants to accommodate your financial and aesthetic needs, but you’ll probably save money if you shop online. And yes, you can even find gothic wedding dresses online too!