Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are a great option for the busy on the go type of girl. Who doesn’t have time to set and style her hair? Short hairstyles make it easy for one to start their day without a hassle. In the hotter months like during the summer season a lot of people trade in their locks for a care free short cut.

Short hairstyles are not for everyone there are certain things to take into consideration. One has to determine their facial shape, condition and texture of their hair. Therefore there are some advantages and some disadvantages of having a short hairstyle.

Advantages of Short Hairstyles

Variety – there are a variety of styles that you can create with a short style, just because the hair is short that doesn’t mean that there is no room for versatility. You can create short tapered ends, jagged cuts, pomade looks and more! Create soft bangs to give the style more spunk.

Time – Since the hair length is so short it really translates into a real time saver. All you have to do is wash, set and go!

Great for anytime of year – Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and can look great with a red carpet dress. Or a pair of blue jeans. Short hairstyles are great for the active individual that loves to get dirty. You don’t have to wonder how to wear your hair, because a short hairstyle gives you the advantage of the perfect style.

Accentuate Features – when you have a shorter hairstyle it is a given that it brings extra attention to your face. Therefore a short hairstyle can show you’re true beauty by bring out your best features. Go even further if you eyes are your best feature dap some eyeliner on and compliment the short hairstyle and so on!

Disadvantages of Short Hairstyles

Accentuate Features- I know that this was part of the advantages, but it can be a disadvantage as well. Since a short style brings more attention to your face, it is most likely that a short haircut will focus on your facial features that you want to avoid.

Adds Height- A short haircut makes you appear taller, which is not too bad for one who wishes to create a little more height. However for the already tall, it may make you appear taller than you really are and may lead to a self -conscious complex.

Maintenance– even though a short haircut is easy to maintain as getting up and go. It may also be difficult to maintain, because you have to constantly trim it to avoid split ends and keep the cut looking fresh.