Seventies Hairstyles

The seventies was a revolutionary era in history where people adapted the attitude of freedom of speech and expression. The 70’s were a time where individuals didn’t conform to society’s standards and they danced to their own tune. When you think of 70’s hairstyles you probably think of the mullet. Corsair invented the first blow dryer in the 1970’s. So you better believe that there was a lot of experimenting with different hairstyles colors and cuts.

Popular seventies Hairstyles

The hairstyles in the 70’s ranged from short hairstyles to bangs, bob, and chopped hairstyles with lots of layers and definition.  People used the blow dryer to their advantage the praised blow dryer allowed people to blow their hair in the proper direction.   So women would have great styling bouffant and straight and even hair. Some women went along with the renowned Farah Fawcett look where the hair was flicked into a feather type style. Guys usually stuck to the mullet or short hair. Spiky hair was also a unique trend during the 70’s. Guys would usually sport the spikes while girls sported the bangs, which were worn with almost every hairstyle. The shag gained popularity among many men and women as well during that era. Fringes were a great style in the 1970’s as well. Cool updo’s with fun and bangs full of body created a classic but great 70’s look. To accent some great styles girls would wear headbands to keep their hair in order and also make it look nice.

In modern day times a lot of people incorporate the foundation of style that came about in the 1970’s with their look. Some people still wear shags, mullets, flicked looks, and spikes. The punk look also came about in the 1970’s and there are so many different punk styles that create a 70’s mixed with the 21 st century look. As you can see the 70’s has had a major influence on the present days society that helps create wonderful looks that enable one to express their own desires and freedoms.

How to Create Seventies Hair Look?

If you want to create the ultimate 70’s look all you need is a blow dryer. The infamous blow dryer did the trick of controlling the hair. And today it still does the same thing. Layered, bobs, bangs and fringes are still part of hairstyling today. So if you want to go retro flashback to the 70’s era or pick up a copy of Grease to get a sense of all the great hairstyles.