Round face Hairstyles

Having a round face is not that bad. There are hairstyles to keep and hairstyles to avoid. There are some hairstyles that can compliment a round shaped face. As well as make a round shaped face appear larger than it really is.

Tips for Round Face Hairstyles

If you have a round shape face you must try hairstyles that are going to accentuate your best features. Therefore an ideal hairstyle would be short to medium length hairstyles that are a little longer than chin lengths. Accent the hairstyle with layering the top of the hair to add body and volume. This look will help create a  longer and narrower face type. Other hairstyles that will really compliment your round face shape would be short hairstyles that are swept away from the face include: soft waves, angular hairstyles such as the asymettrical bobbs, partial bangs as well as wispy bangs create great hairstyles for round shaped faces.

Stay away from chin length hairstyles that will actually make your face appear rounder than what it is. Round haircuts can add more weight to your face. So try to avoid full bangs that are straight.  Also avoid parts that are in the center, which parts can add more weight to your face. You may also want to avoid full bangs  and straight hair. If you have straight hair, try to layer the hair to create more volume so you can narrow and slim the apperance of your round face.

The key with a round face is to make sure that is does not look to round. Having a round face with the wrong hairstyle can make your face appear rounder than it really is. Stick to short shaped layers and gentle waves. Layers really allow you to have a narrow and slimming apperance. When deciding on a hairstyle, determine that you have a round face. Some people mistake an oval face for a round shape face. A perfect example of a celebrity with a round shaped face is Drew Barrymore. You can study her face to see if you have any similarties. Or check out some pictures in magazines and see what model/celebrity you come close to. So having a round shaped face is not a burden. You get to explore great hairstyles that will accentuate your facial features and give you a slimmer look. It does not matter the color of the hair, it is more of the shape , cut and style.