Punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles are in a class of their own. Punk Hairstyles  express freedom, independence and expression. Basically punk culture is more than hairstyles. Punk culture has to deal with clothing, jewelry,cosmetics and hairstyles as  the whole part of punk culture. Punk hairstyles emerged in the 1970’s however it became more popular in the 80’s with the help of MTV and popular band influence. The 80’s punk hairstyle included  colored hair, spikes, infamous mohawk and other unconventional type hairstyles. However to be considered a true punk style; A punk style must consist of three main elements.

Elements of Punk Hairstyles


And not your everyday blonde or brunette. Punk colors need to speak volume. Therefore when choosing a punk hair color. Think Neon colors like green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and any other bright and light color that you can think of.   In most cases the neon colors are highlighted. Or placed sparatically around the head. In some cases you may find that the whole head is dye to a unique  neon color.


Yes your hair has to be cut a certain way to be considered a punk hairstyle. Most of the punk hair cuts are cut in an asymmetrical way. Some of the hair is left longer than one side. Or  the hair is shaved down on the sides and remains full at the crown in the front.


When it comes to style with a punk hairstyle. There are a variety of styles that will fit different people for different reasons. The most common and classic type of style is probably the Mo Hawk, the Mohawk has created many different versions of itself. Like the  faux hawk worn by Soccer player David Beckham at times. Or the dread hawk, where dreads are actually tied up to form a mohawk looking appearance. Spikes are a great style that  requires little maintenance but a lot of gel. Different spikes that are colored is always a plus.

Punk hairstyles are diverse and eccentric. Punk hairstyles like any other hairstyles need to be well taken care of with routine maintenance. Wash and condition as needed. Try not to over dye your hair with neon colors. It would be a good idea to get a temporary dye. Temporary dyes are better, because they last a brief time. And this gives you the opportunity to explore with other colors and get a look inside the punk culture.