Medium Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles seem to take precedence over a lot of hairstyles. Medium hairstyles are considered the hairstyles of choice.  Since, they are not too long or too short. Medium hairstyles offer a lot of versatile looks, where one can be creative and playful with their hair. As any hairstyle when considering a medium length hairstyle, you have to make sure you have the right facial shape, healthy hair and are open to change.

Medium length hairstyles are usually haircuts that fall right below the ear line, and they may fall to the shoulder and do not go past the shoulders. Medium hairstyles can be full of wispy bangs, jagged cuts, tapered ends, luxurious layers, voluminous curls and more. However like most hairstyles there are some advantages and disadvantages when you are choosing a hairstyle. Let’s explore the pros and cons so you can see if a medium hairstyle is right for you!

Advantages of Medium Hairstyles

Secure Style – Don’t worry if the stylist didn’t treat your hair the way you wanted her to. With a medium length style you can easily go back to the salon or go to another salon and get a quick shape up or a totally different style.

Choice – you g ET to choose a myriad of options when you are styling your hair. From the beach to the ballroom, you can create fabulous waves or swift and elegant up-do’s without a fuss.

Versatility – having a medium hairstyle offers a lot of versatility. The options are unlimited when you create the most beautiful hairstyles for your type. At the same time medium length hair is easy to maintain and it keeps you from being bored.

Disadvantages of Medium Hairstyles

There are some disadvantages that come with having a medium hairstyle. However they are minimal, so if you have the patience to maintain a medium style the cons really won’t affect you.

Genuine – There are a lot of diverse medium hairstyles however one may get bored with the same look. Or the look that everyone else has. So when you are deciding on a medium hairstyle, try to create the best unique style that you can!

Manageability – Medium hairstyles are great for the busy on the go people. However it takes a lot of time and care to condition, trim and maintain healthy looking medium hair.

As you can see having medium hair can be very fun and exciting. There are unlimited possibilities on having a medium hairstyle.