Long Hairstyles

If there is one thing that a woman will wish for in her life. It would be to have long and luxurious hair, just for a moment or a few days. Long hairstyles are beautiful and fun.  However for some with long hair it seems like heaven and hell. Long hair is great for the person with thick and rough hair. Long hair helps difficult hair types stay under control. Like all hairstyles there are some advantages and disadvantages of having long hair. Hopefully the pros outweigh the cons so you can be on your way to long hair stardom.

Advantages of Long Hairstyles

Home Styling- you don’t have to go to a stylist to create the perfect style for your long hair. There are many at home hairstyling tools and kits that will make you look, like you just stepped out of the salon. From flat irons to home curlers. You will look like you spent a million bucks!

Glamour – let’s face it having long hair is very appealing. It’s always a plus when the boys want to play in your hair ladies.   Long hair that shimmers and shine is appealing to the eyes.

Versatility- Long hair is the way to go if you have an issue with making up your mind. There are a variety of different hairstyles that you can choose when you have long hair. You can even create an illusion that you have short or medium length hair, by doing simple pin-ups and up-dos. You can braid, curl and crimp your long hair. Leaving you the option to have a different look everyday!

Disadvantages of Long Hairstyles

Of course when you have long and silky hair it is going to require a lot of time and maintenance to keep it that way.

Maintenance – having a long hairstyle can take up a considerable amount of time. You have to maintain your hair by trimming as needed. You also need to make sure you are washing and conditioning your hair as often as needed. You may not know it, but you have to keep a healthy diet so your hair can be healthy shiny and brittle-free!

Dangerous– yes having long hair can be dangerous, especially when you are at work and your job requires you to work in certain situations. Even though you may be able to pull your hair back and put it in a ponytail. Accidents can still happen, especially when your hair is extremely thick.

Supplements- Taking supplements are healthy and they are a part of an everyday life. However if you are not disciplined you may skimp out on the great benefits of providing your hair with the natural vitamins. So you can pop a pill or use vitamin enriched shampoos and conditioners, which happen to be expensive.