Formal Hairstyls

When preparing for a special occasion such as a wedding, prom, gala. Or any other event that requires one to dress up and look their best. One would most likely choose a hairstyle that will compliment their lovely attire. A formal hairstyle is usually the way to go. Even though formal hairstyles are becoming more modern. There are some people who still enjoy the classical formal hairstyles. Most formal hairstyles the hair is swept away from the face. Usually to show off the facial features. Or the details of their dress. Formal hairstyles consists of half up do’s. As well as full up do’s. Side swept ponytails, luxurious curls and more!

Types of Formal Hairstyles

Chignon– This is a classic formal look that can be accented with a nice baretter or hair pins that are decorated. A chignon is a low bun which is tied to the back and usually falls at the nape of the neck. The front of the hair remains bangless and smoothed down into the chignon. However a soft side swept bang or little strands of playful hair look great with this look.

Curls– Curls can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tight ringlets or round curls can be a great look. If you have naturally curly hair that is a plus. However if natural curly hair is not what you have. You can get a perm or create nice curls with the help of hair rollers and curling irons. Curls can be pinned up into a ponytail or left hanging loose and all over your head.

Side Swept Ponytails– This is becoming a more popular formal look that you see on the red carpet. And why not it is a simple yet elegant look. The hair is is simply pulled to the side in a ponytail. The hair can be accompanied by a soft side swept bang and curls that compliment the ponytail that hang over the shoulders.

Braids– soft braids always add an interesting touch to a formal hairstyle. A classic french braid can become an elegant french braid with a dazzling hair accessory and flirty bangs.

Nowadays people who attend formal events create more modern looks. They create simple everyday styles that consists of layers, bangs, soft curls and more. Some formal hairstyles don’t need to be accesorized with the most amazing hair accesories. Almost any hairstyle can be considered a formal hairstyle. Since there is no standard rule. However a wacky hairstyle or hairstyle with numerous amounts of different colors may not be considered a formal hairstyle. However vivid hairstyles can be considered formal if they are styled in a formal way.