Curly Hairstyles

When it comes to styling your hair. You want the best style that compliments your style and bring out your best features. For some people curly hair is the only way to go. Having a curly hairstyle can create major sass and sex appeal that boosts your confidence level.

Types of Curly Hairstyles

Basically there are two types of curly hair styles.  The natural curly hair and the permed curly hair.

Natural curly hair – This is great because it does not take a lot of time to style. However you may have to maintain frizz  control.  Sulfate free shampoos as well as intense moisturizes help with unwanted frizz action. You can also control  amount of frizz and smoothness by getting a length that is suitable for your face type. Curly hair on a short style will allow the curls to be tighter and bouncier. Short curly hair makes it easier to control split ends. Medium hairstyles look best with tight controlled ringlets. Controlled ringlets can be obtained by taking a gelled finger and forming a tight curl. On longer hairstyles the curls may be loose and shapely.

Permed Curly hair – Straight hair girls that want to go curly can always get a perm. Don’t worry no one needs to know that it is a perm but you. Nevertheless perms are not  the only way to  obtain a curly look. Curling  irons and hair rollers will have your hair curly in no time. The great thing about curling irons and rollers is that they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Since rollers come in different sizes it is easy for you to control the size and shape of the actual curl! Curling utensils are great because you can choose what days you want to go curly. Unlike a perm. Once you apply a perm, you have to stick with the curls until the perms fade out.

Tips for Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair should be treated just the same as straight hair or wavy hair for that matter.  So you have to  maintain your hair by keeping it healthy and shiny.

Control the length of the curls to avoid extra frizz.

Always trim your split ends to promote hair growth.

Remember to use sulfate free shampoos and high quality hair products that will keep you looking your best.

So if you want curly hair, go out and get it.  It is very easy to have your curly hair work magic for you!