Children Hairstyles

Children are very active little individuals. With all the sports, playground, and other playful activities. It is important to create easy maintenance on a child’s hair for safety reasons. From toddlers to pre-teens there are a variety of simple hairstyles to choose for boys and girls. It is noted that young girls hair may be more difficult to maintain due to length. However the length of a girl’s hairstyle creates a lot of versatility and styling options.

Parents will have an easier time up keeping boys hair. Boys can look great in simple cuts. However a boy’s hair can grow fast. Therefore their hair needs to be trimmed and shaped up as needed. Some parents love their boys with Sampson hair.  They want to keep their boys hair long and never want to cut it, because they feel that it is adorable or it may be religious purposes. The rule of thumb for most boys and girls at a young age is for them to maintain hairstyles that are safety-proof since they will be engaging in a lot of physical activities.

Children Hairstyles for Girls

Girls have a variety of options when styling their hair. Depending on the occasion girls can wear their hair curly, in a formal bun; perhaps being a flower girl at a wedding. Soft twists and gentle braids look really nice and girly like on a young girl. Ponytails are always an added plus, because they can be pulled back away from the face and provide easy maintenance. Avoid hairstyles like the bob or highlights on a young girl. When she becomes a young woman she can experience those unique hairstyles, but for right now let the girls be girls.

Children Hairstyles for Boys

Even though you can keep your boys hair short, there are a variety of styles and cuts that a young boy can have. The simple buzz cut, where the hair is cut extremely low to the point where it looks almost bald. Buzz cuts are very popular for young boys because of its easy maintenance. Medium length layered cuts are hairstyles that are worn mostly by tween boys. Funky and cool cuts like the Mohawk. Some boys want to keep the rocker look, by keeping their hair long past their shoulders and letting it hang loose. On the other hand some boys love creating spikes that can hold together with gel.

Boys and girls have a variety of different styling options when it comes to their hair. Most styles are carefree and can be worn as hairstyles in the adult stages of their lives as well.