Bob Hairstyles

When in doubt of what hairstyle to choose. Choose a bob! You can never go wrong with a bob. Whether it is long, short, medium, curly, wavy or straight! Bob hairstyles are the perfect hairstyle for almost every facial shape. Bob hairstyles are very trendy. There is a myriad of bob hairstyles to choose from.

Types of Bob Hairstyles

Asymmetrical bobs

Sometimes known as angular bobs. Asymmetrical bobs are bobs that are uneven in length. Or basically one side of the hair is longer than the other. We know the perfect example of this bob is the infamous former spice girl and wife of David Beckham; Victoria Beckham A.K.A Posh Spice. She rocks the asymmetrical bob so well that it is now know as “The Pob”.

Curly Hair Bob

Some may argue that bobs on curly hair are a bit taboo. Straight hair bobs look classical and elegant. While curly hair bobs may appear messy. However that is not the case in point. If you have the right facial shape and great body and condition of the hair. A curly bob will look great on shorter hair.

Highlighted Bobs

Highlights accent any hairstyle and bobs are included! Matter of fact most bobs that you see in magazines or on celebrates is accented with the best highlights that compliment the model’s hair color. When choosing highlights on your bob, make sure that you choose a color that compliments your natural hair color. For a stunning look.

Bangless Bobs

Bangless bobs are great because they bring more attention to your face and the style of the bob. If you have the right shaped face, don’t cover it up. Go with a bangles bob today!