Black Hairstyles

Black hairstyles are considered to be unique. There are many different black hairstyles that are created for the black culture. Black hairstyles posess creativity and spunk. Hairstyles can be all natural in braids, weaves, dreads and more. The hair can be worn short long. Or in braids for easy maintenance. Black hairstyles are a great way to express your eccentric side. And experiment with great colors such as red and brown. Since most  black hairstyles are dark brown and other brunette colors. Black hairstyles are great with rich highlights. A lot of red highlights look great on various black hairstyles. With the power of a weave, universal hairstyles are becoming a big part of the black hairstyle culture. However you don’t need a weave to create a great black hairstyle. You can go all natural and create short shaped layers and gentle waves. Since some people with black hair have thick and coarse hair textures, it is recommended that some get a perm. A perm helps smooth out the hair and make it easier to manage.

Types of Black Hairstyles

Braids – Braids can be created with natural hair. Or with the help of extensions. Some natural braids include goddess braids. Goddes braids are intricate braids that are plaited tightly to the head in a crown form.

Corn Rows – Corn rows are braids that are close to the head that can be braided straight forward. Or the corn rows can be braided in different designs.

Extensions – These are also a great way to have braided black hairstyles. Extensions are basically attached to the strands to elongate the hair. And extensions add body and volume to thinning hair.

Dreadlocks – Black hairstyles can be curly, straight, wavy, crimped and more! If dreads are done well enough, some people can mistake them for braids. Dreads or Dreadlocks are  individual strands of hair that are tied together to form a braid like strand. Dreads are usually held together by beeswax or some form of grease to allow the hair to lock into an actual dreads. Dreads are great for the people who just like to get up and go. Dreads offer easy maintenace, but they still need to be taking care of. Dreads still have to be washed.