Fashion Tips For All Ages

The best fashion tips and advice for you depend not only on your shape, but also on your age. A woman in her 40s who applies fashion tips destined for teenagers and dresses like one will in most cases look older than she would if she dressed age appropriately. Just like a young woman in her 20s will look much older if she wears clothes that are meant to be worn by more mature women. Following are some fashion tips for different age-groups:

Fashion tips for women in their 20s
In your 20s you develop your own style, become independent and start your first job. Keep your wardrobe looking young and fun.
You can go for shorter skirts or shorts, brighter colors and fun faux jewelry. Build a wardrobe that takes you from the office to dinner or drinks. Fashion trends for you this fall include plaids, leggings, sweater dresses and feminine blouses.

Fashion tips for women in their 30s
If you are in your 30s you most likely need a wardrobe that advances your career while being practical and easy to take care of if you have kids.
Experiment with different textures. The hemlines should be no shorter than knee-length. For fall get a tweed jacket or coat, classic menswear trousers and funky, yet sophisticated jewelry to create a classic look with a twist.

Fashion tips for women in their 40s
Try out richer fabrics and deep, yet toned down colors. Invest in a few expensive, timeless pieces that you can wear for many years and coordinate with more fashionable clothing. Gold and silver accessories are essential. For an elegant fall look wear a pleated, feminine frock.

Fashion tips for women in their 50s
You will be most comfortable in natural fibers like cotton, linen or silk, particularly if you experience hot flashes, because natural fibers allow air to circulate. Look for semi-fitted, structured separates. Go for a classic look, but let one piece of clothing stand out. This fall combine black and white pieces for a chic look.

Fashion tips for women in their 60s
Invest in a classic wardrobe in neutral colors. This fall you will look great in beige, brown, gray and black. Add character to your outfit with an animal print blouse or scarf. Create a clean look for a young appearance.

Fashion tips for women in their 70s+
Do not shy away from rich colors like red. Keep your wardrobe looking interesting by adding original pieces of jewelry like brooches made from precious stones or pearls. Comfortable shoes do not have to be boring. A lot of brands specialize on flat shoes with a flexible sole and a fashionable look.