Dressing For The Rectangle Shape

This shape is most rare out of the bunch. It is also known as the ruler or banana shape. You have little difference between your hip and waist measurements. If you look in the mirror, your shoulders and hips will be aligned with little waist definition. This shape is known for its waif like characteristics. Kate Moss is known to mark this shape in the modeling industry and runway. If you gain weight, it will most likely go to your buttocks, stomach, thighs and love handles. Your arms usually remain slim. You generally have an athletic build, but that is not to say that all rectangles are slim. Just as with the other shapes, there are many different rectangles out there with individual characteristics. The goal for this shape is to create an illusion of curves and a waist.


Straight and boot cut are a perfect fit for this shape. Because this shape typically comes with a flatter bum, try to look for pans or jeans with wider pockets, or with flaps to help define your bottom and make it look fuller. Wide legged jeans are very flattering and create more curves for this shape. Rectangles could also rock skinny jeans or pants, depending on your build. Wearing chunkier boots on top of the jeans can create a really nice balance for the hip and waist ratio. If your torso is shorter, your legs longer and you are on the slimmer side, skinny jeans with flats are also an option. If your torso is longer then your bottom half, flats with skinny jeans are not recommended, it could make you look shorter and heavier then you really are.

dressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shape


Shirts, sweaters, jackets that cinch your waistline will give you a more defined waist. You can also use belts to help define your waist. Skinny belts are not suggested if you have a fuller figure, they will only make you look larger. Thicker belts are generally better if you want to create an illusion of a smaller waist. Jackets that flare out at the waist are very flattering for this shape. V-necks, U necks and wrap tops are great. There aren’t a lot of styles that this shape cannot wear. The trick is creating more waist definition, giving you more of an hourglass appearance. Halter-tops are very flattering to your shoulders!

dressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shape


Same as with tops, you want to stick to dresses that cinch in at the waist or just below your bust. Circle skirts, A-line dresses, pleated skirts, bias cut skirts and dresses are all very flattering. Bias cut styles tend to cling more and hug a woman’s curves, giving you a very sexy and feminine look while creating an illusion of a curvier figure. If you have great legs, show them off! Pair an above the knee pleated or flared skirts with a U neck top and cinch with a thick belt for a fun, flirtatious look. These are all just suggestions for a rectangle figure. Play around with styles according to your age, weight and taste. The possibilities are endless.

dressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shapedressing for the rectangle shape

Stay Away From

There aren’t many things that the rectangle can’t rock. Nevertheless here are a few:

  • Vertical and checkered patters.
  • low rise jeans and pants, they can make the torso look too long , thus making your figure look disproportionate
  • dropped waist and straight dresses will not give you any shape and give you a more boyish figure
  • crop tops and jackets will also elongate your torso