Dressing For The Pear Shape

So you’re a pear shape, this shape is the most common among women. Also known as the triangle shape, the majority of clothes are made for this shape. The basic guideline is to balance out the hip and shoulder ratio. Since you tend to be bottom heavy with narrow shoulders, the goal is to draw attention away from the hip area and accentuate the top, making it appear wider. These tips are only general suggestions for the pear body type. Consider your age, height, weight and play around to see what works for you. Remember that you are trying to create an illusion of a balanced hip and shoulder ratio.


Make sure that your pants, jeans, ect, is always a dark color. This doesn’t mean marrying black, just make sure the bottom piece is darker then the top. Stay away from patterns, they draw attention and make the big and curvy look bigger and curvier. Stay away form cropped pants, and heavy embroidery on back pockets. High waisted pants tend make the junk in the trunk look bigger. Go for medium to low rise bottoms; this will make the hips appear slimmer. Flare or boot cut is best.

Dressing for the pear shape


Patterns and colors are your friends. Boat-necks, wide, lower, draped necklines will bring attention to your face. If you wear a jacket make sure its hemline doesn’t stop at the thickest part of your body. Jackets, cardigans and tops that stop at the hip bones are most flattering to this shape. If you have a fuller body, collar shirts will be very fitting for you. You can also use a belt to cinch in your waist, choose a thicker belt if you have a fuller body, a skinny belt will make the proportions look bigger and wider. Horizontal lines on sweaters and tops are great at widening the upper body, hence creating a balanced look. Stripes are very in right now and can add a very flirtatious and playful feel.

dressing for the pear shapedressing for the pear shapedressinf for the pear shape


A line skirt and dresses that will allow flow over your hips. Again, make sure the bottom half is darker and stay away from patterns. Wrap dresses are great as long as they do not hug your hips. Empire cut styles, skirts and dresses that flare towards the bottom are feminine and flattering for a pear girl.

dressing for the pear shapedressing for the pear shape

Styles to Stay Away From

  • Big pockets on skirts and pants, this will only make your bum appear bigger, unless that’s the look you’re going for.
  • Skinny, or tapered jeans, this will only make you look heavier and bring emphasis to the bottom area
  • Tight skirts that hug the hips
  • Sweaters, cardigans, jackets and long tank tops or shirts that end at your hip line.
  • Tops and jackets that cut at the waist, this only makes the bottom portion look bigger then it is.
  • Big, chunky belts on pants, or any glitz on the pockets
  • Light colors and big, bold patters are not recommended below the waist