Dressing For The Hourglass Shape

You lucky little miss thing with the most desired figure. You have symmetrical shoulder and hip measurements with a noticeably defined waist. Your hips and shoulders are broad, generally with a full bust. This shape can be found among many types of women. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be thin to fit this shape. You can be very curvy and still have an hourglass figure. These are just general traits of an hourglass body, there are many variations to this shape. Because your shape is most proportionate, the goal is to bring attention to your waist and the lovely curves.


Wide legged or flared jeans are a great choice for this shape. If you’re on the trim side, skinny jeans work as well. You could also do high waisted pants, just keep in mind that they do make the bum appear bigger, so if that’s the look you’re going for, this cut will do it. High waisted pants can also help to hold in the “muffin-top.” If you are on the heavier size, mid-rise jeans are best. Low-rise jeans are great as long as your torso is not longer then the bottom half. The hourglass figure can pretty much wear all styles of pants. Play around with the options considering your age, weight and style.
dressing for the hourglass shapedressing for the hourglass shapedressing for the hourglass shape


You want to choose tops that will accentuate your waist. V-necks, scooped and square nick-lines are great. Wrap shirts are also very flattering. It you want to appear smaller then go for darker colors and stay away from bold patterns. Use belts to cinch in the waist. If you are on the fuller side, use thicker belts, if you are on the lean side, a skinny belt will work. Halters look good on you. Remember, if you have a fuller body and a bigger bust, button down shirts with collars are what you want to veer towards. Try to choose styles that are fitted to flatter your ideal body shape. Investing in a good support bra can do miracles for bigger busted women, snug puppies means a walk with confidence. Check out the Sexy Sheer Back Bra by Spanx at spanx.com
dressing for the hourglass shapedressing for the hourglass shapedressing for the hourglass shape


Don’t hide your curves! As my mother always said “wear it while you can.” Don’t be afraid to wear fitting skirts and dresses that hug your hips. If you have some midsection issues, you can wear things underneath to help you suck it all in. How do you think Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and all the beauties of the past looked so good in those dresses. They wore proper negligee to help them smooth out the rougher parts. Pencil skirts with a slit that fits well at the waist will make you appear slimmer. Wear darker skirts if you want to disguise your assets. Wrap and A-line dresses are flattering to you as well. There are few things that do not go hand in hand with an hourglass figure, so take advantage!

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dressing for the hourglass shapedressing for the hourglass shapedressing for the hourglass shape<

Stay Away From

  • Baggy t-shirts, they can potentially make you look frumpy
  • Anything that hides your curves and makes you look shapeless.
  • Tops with bold patterns and ruffles, especially if you’re big busted
  • If you have a fuller figure stay away form thin or unlined pants and skirts, as these can reveal more then you want to share (cellulite.)
  • Straight, ruler shaped dresses, these will do nothing for your figure.