Body Shape Fashion Tips

The kind of attire you put on most of the time should depend especially on your body shape. The truth of the matter is that your body shape goes a long way to determine how your garment will look like on you. Your garment may end up taking a very unbecoming shape on you or otherwise, depending on how you put your body shape into consideration before you make or purchase that clothing materials.

For you to be able to make your clothing look great on you and make it set of your body curves appropriately enough, you will need to consider the type of style of clothing that can flatter your body. This choice should also be based on the kind of body shape you have. You will then need to consider if your body shape is pear shaped or otherwise.

This is to tell you that your choice of a top with bateau or square neckline, a spaghetti strap tank, a blouse, a sweater or any kind of clothing is determined by what shape you have as an individual. In case you are not so sure, there are fashion consultants that can actually help you out with the proper kind of clothing that will suit your body shape. So, if you are the type that is looking for clothing that can flatter your body, you will do well then to go for a boat neck or square necklines, and wrap style blouse.

For example, if you want to choose a tank with thin spaghetti straps, you will need to know that this kind of garment will make the top half of your body to look smaller. So, if you happen to have a pear body shape, you will do well to make this type of cloth your choice.

Do you have an apple body shape and you are looking for the right kind of jean cut that will flatter your body? You will need to know that a mid rise slight flare will be perfect on you. This kind of style will balance well on you. It has a mid rise that will help to conceal any extra weight in your tummy area. If you add faded wash at the hips, it will further help to deemphasize the upper body.

For a rectangular body shape anyway, there are several shape of clothing that can be of perfect make. A wrap dress will give you an illusion of a smaller waist. It will also break up your figure. An empire dress with a wide, dark waist band too will have a great effect. But a rectangular figure will sure not look so great in a straight shift or trapeze style because it is least flattering to the rectangular body type.