7 Fashion Faux Pas You Should Avoid

Wearing clothes that are too tight
Just because you can squeeze yourself into a size 8, doesn’t mean you should. The truth is if you wear clothes that are too small for you, you will appear heavier than you are. You will look much slimmer, if the buttons on your pants or shirt don’t threaten to fall off at any moment.

Underwear that doesn’t fit
Nothing’s worse than showing pantylines or a bra that creates bulges in the wrong spots. Your undergarments have an effect on your overall appearance. They can make or break an outfit. Throw out any panties that are stretched out and too wide, and get yourself fitted for a bra every time your body goes through changes.

Pants that are just a little too short
The correct length for pants is about half the heel of your shoe or longer. Anything shorter looks like you outgrew your pants.

Wearing bulky sweaters with tight jackets
Those tight little jackets surely look nice, but only, if you wear a snugly fitting shirt in a thin fabric with it. Wear your favorite bulky wool sweaters with wider jackets and coats with lower armholes.

Sweat stains on white shirts
No matter how much you like your white cotton shirts, don’t wear them, if yellow sweat stains appear under your armpits. Luckily there is something you can do: Mix soda water with vinegar and rub into stains. Wait a few minutes, then wash your shirt following the care-tag instructions. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to say goodbye.

Buying clothes that you can’t combine with anything you already own
The bottom rule is: If you think about buying a new clothing item, only buy it, if you have at least 3 items at home, that you can wear it with. If not, it can become an expensive purchase, because you have to buy more pieces to be able to wear it.